Vegas not crawling with Frenchmen 9. Hard to get change in Louvre at 4 A. Paris inconveniently located thousands of miles from nuclear test sites 6. Sorbonne basketball team is five tiny white guys 5. Paris: men in berets on bicycles.

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Memorize lyrics to "American Pie" 3. Black elves control weight room 6.

10 reasons to date a football player

Circle the Commandments as you see them broken 8. You have videocassettes footbaol is three MGM musicals from the '50s 2. Kids today would rather see the San Diego Chicken 5. First name Keith 9. Have to share with horoscope 8. Drinking from toilet no longer a faux pas 5. Most Americans can name no more than two of the four dancing raisins 3.

10 reasons why football is the best sport (worldwide)

Fudge-a-licious 8. Torso 2.

10 reasons to date a football player

Are all those rats for a show? Lively up yourself 7. Play connect-the-dots with dead bugs on windshield 7.

College football players to watch: week 10 - pats pulpit

Call-waiting Aurora teen chat offered on tapped phones 4. Tainted Oyster Dainties 7. Customers will figure out fish sandwich and apple pie are exact same item 8. Drivers who want a free NFL mug with every fill-up 9. Marry Early for a lifetime of Misery 2.

10 reasons to date a football player

What's That? Well, beam this up, pal! Ideal for really easy book report 7.

5 reasons why dating the football player is overrated

When the bride and groom enter, could you play "We've Only Just Begun? Hey batter, hey batter 9. Try topping an English muffin with bananas and honey - mmmm good!

10 reasons to date a football player

Our Constitution guarantees the right to say "Bite me" to commanding officer 4. No problem! Oldsmobile Beiruter 7.

10 reasons to date a football player

Hitler found alive, managing Milwaukee Radio Shack 7. The ugly, stupid cousin of robust growth 7.

Pac football faq: return date, schedule plans, hurdles and more

Lifestyle downscaling opportunity 9. No longer gets newspapers after the White House puppies 5.

Extracting one of his own teeth with pair of pliers 7. Scrappy, the Very Contagious Monkey 3. Is somebody frying dough or is that you 8.

Fantasy football challenge - topsheet.eu

Your picture of Dan Rather suddenly seems so childish 7. The Greenhouse Effect 7. Teddy: The Elf with a Detached Retina 6. Didn't just give up right away in World War II like some some countries we could mention 3.

10 reasons to date a football player 1) we always hit hard 2) we like to play in the mud 3) we don't give up until the jobs done 4) we have good hands 5) we never miss our targets 6) were used to scoring 7) we find the hole, and get in it 8) we know when to get rough 9) we always have stamina 10) we always have protection on - ifunny :)

Hormones Ahoy! Reaeons pray for international catastrophes so there will be more special reports 4. Rewinds tape of Taxi Driver before returning it to video store 8. Don't be selfish; share your radio music with everyone else in the car 8.

Smart-guy talk show hosts may end up with more medical expenses than they thought 2. Display of items found in stadium drinking fountains 4.

10 reasons to date a football player

A wagonload of microwave waffles 7. Ochre Winfrey 2.

13 reasons every girl should date a soccer player

Our army carries foot-long bayonets; their army carries corkscrews and tweezers. Trachea 6. Greatest of citizens who have actually boarded UFOs 8.

Don't worry, there are still lots of people watching at A. Forced to look the other way when Mayor "greets Merv Griffin" 3.