But what does each status mean? What are people really trying to say when they strategically choose their Facebook statuses?

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The catch is, it's hard to find the timeline by clicking through your Facebook.

How to see your facebook relationship history with this secret url

You could have left it blank and let sfatus infer for themselves whether or not you were single, but you wanted to make it clear. Once you click that, you should be able to see the "See Friendship" option.

Facebook relationship status

Because I was insecure back then. But if you made it Facebook official with sfatus love of your life, this is just another way to look back on all the cute moments you shared.

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Because I made my in middle school and Facebook married my best friend and we're still going strongI get to see a timeline Facebiok cringe-worthy exchanges between two 15 year olds. The best way to look at your relationship history is actually by visiting the website: www. Checking your Facebook dating history, although not very intuitive, is actually super easy.

Facebook relationship status

Why do some girls love to do this?! If you were one of those people, and you're still going strong with your S.

The simple way to make your relationship facebook official

Way too much information for the average Facebkok there, buddy. The only thing complicated right now is figuring out why we are even friends on Facebook let alone in life in the first place. All this being said, you're not limited to revisiting timelines Fadebook romantic relationships only. What, do you think your Facebook is a news source that we are all following Ladies want casual sex Cantil California 93519 real time, and need to know these up-to-the-minute changes?

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Now if you are actually in a domestic partnership, it is definitely cool and a great way of expressing yourself and your sexuality by having this as your status. But what does each status mean?

What these couples are doing is trying to make it seem like Facebook statuses are a joke, when in fact they take them the most seriously. Is it?

Facebook relationship status

You can leave it blank if you'd like. Who would ever mark this as their status?

Facebook relationship status

The company has also allowed users to look back at their history with certain Facebook friends for quite some time now. Pure hilarity!

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They really should be focusing on their impending wedding and whether or not they have just made the Faceboko decision of their lives. What are people really trying to say when they strategically choose their Facebook statuses? You can check out this Facebook feature by going Seeking handsome and charming one of your friend's profiles and clicking on the menu represented by three dots in a horizontal row next to the Message button.

Facebook relationship status

If you're "in a relationship" with someone on Facebook and yes, being "married to" or "engaged to" someone counts too! What happened?

Does your facebook relationship status really matter that much?

This is also the status that many people put up directly after they break up with someone. And in the same way you got to see a timeline of your romantic relationship, Facebook will show you the best moments between you and your friends.

Facebook relationship status

In a feature you probably know as "See Friendship," you have the ability to see the history of posts and pictures between you female escort hire any one of your Facebook friends. What do I care?

Facebook relationship status

But at the same time, we probably could already tell by the hundreds of pictures you posted holding up the damn ring. But with my college girlfriend, you bet I made her put that as her status! You can also see your friendship history by visiting: www. The couple who does this is a bit showy.


While your friendship history with someone will mostly show the main highlights and posts that got the most interaction, your Facebook dating history seems to have every public interaction you've ever had with your Facebook partner. Remember that your Facebook ID is the username that appears in the You sweet Rock Springs of your profile relstionship "www.

Moral of the story, there are hundreds of dating sites out there for you to express your relationship status, just leave your Facebook one blank. Let's take a look at the internal reasoning behind each relationship status that relationshkp choose.