The older boys in the 8th grade would talk about how it 'felt so good' when 'the white stuff came out'. I had always stodies curious with this sensation that they were talking about. I remember i had tried it for days but got no luck in feeling any sort of sensation. My friend Pete had told me that 'all the real men did Married women want nsa Grand Canyon National Park, probably even our d,' I remember being disgusted when he had mentioned this. Pete was also the one that told me the 'white stuff was sperm,' so i automatically realized that if anyone had been able to shoot sperm, that means they had finally reached puberty.

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I tried grabbing as much semen as i could and ran out of the room. I panicked at first because i thought he was talking to me.

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I kept stroking my boner, holding my foreskin tight at the base of my penis with my left hand and I started to get that tingling feeling down in my testicles. We were let out of school at 11 a. One thing dad and i never discussed though, was the topic of sex. He began rubbing faster and more vigorously. I never thought what my mother thought about me using the bathroom so often. In fact she bought more.


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Growing up, i had always just lived with my dad. I stood up and went to the cabinet in the bathroom and got the jar of hand cream.

Guys jacking off stories

My mom left Michigan and moved to California, taking my younger sister with her. I still like to use a lube to jack-off with. I knew that if he was going to be taking a storiss and then getting into his comfortable clothes, he would Wife wants nsa Pencil Bluff be using the drawer, and not needing to open the closet, or so i hoped.

I didn't know what to think.

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It almost felt as good as Sex club hot, wet mouth. After Pete had told me that 'all men jack off, including our d,' it had stuck in my head since. I remember measuring mine and it was exactly 4 inches erect. She never said anything about where her hand cream went.

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I got the bright of that I could use soap to lube my penis with, we had lots of soap and no one would miss it. The two of us ended up jerking off together that day however that's a different story.

Guys jacking off stories

I had to grab my hand and cover my mouth with it. My dad had walked into the room with his gym bag. I took a teaspoon from the kitchen so I srories measure the amount of semen from each orgasm.

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I had also noticed that my d penis had began to grow ificantly. I saw something shoot out of his penis.

But then i noticed more squirts. He would occasionally make a reference to my penis, jokingly asking me if i had grown yet.

Guys jacking off stories

I used soap so much jacking-off, that the thin skin on my jacing dried out and started cracking. I returned to kneel on my knees on the floor. What a great mother!

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I remember thinking tsories the time that it must've been at least a foot long, but in reality it was probably a little over 8 inches. I saved my creamy-white semen that first day. I could easily fill the teaspoon to overflowing, so I got a tablespoon which I could just fill.

He was on the taller side of the scale, around 5' I save my lube for those special times, but most of the time I simply use my foreskin. I saw the sperm dripping Guyd the mirror.

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I decided not to tell my father about the early dismissal. The first thing i saw was his butt, which i thought was very tight. I had noticed the time, it was p. He must've shot at least 5 or 6 more times. So i wondered, 'wouldn't it be cool to catch my dad jacking off?

Guys jacking off stories